How can I get a legit promo code

Finding a legitimate promo code can be tricky, and it’s important to make sure that the code you find is both legitimate and valid. Here are some tips to help you get a legit promo code:

1. Check out online coupon websites: There are many online coupon websites that feature promo codes from major retailers and brands. These websites are great resources for finding valid, legitimate codes that you can use for your purchases.

2. Sign up for coupon mailing lists: Many retailers and brands offer their own coupon mailing lists. Signing up for these mailing lists will ensure that you get the latest information about upcoming promotions and specials, as well as promotional codes that you can use.

3. Ask customer service: If you’re shopping with a specific retailer or brand, don’t be afraid to ask their customer service team if there are any promotional codes available. Many companies will have special codes that they offer only to those who ask about them.

4. Follow companies on social media: Companies often share promotional codes through their social media accounts, so make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to stay up-to-date on the latest deals and promotions they’re offering.

5. Check online forums: Popular online forums such as Reddit and Slickdeals often contain threads where users post up-to-date information about promotional codes and where to find them.

By using these tips, you can easily find a legit promo code that you can use for your next purchase!

Why is Amazon charging me for shipping

Shipping charges on Amazon can vary depending on a variety of factors. The most common reasons why Amazon charges for shipping are:

1. Your order total: Amazon charges for shipping based on the order total. For orders over a certain amount, they may offer free shipping or discounted shipping rates.

2. Your location: Depending on where you live, your shipping costs may be higher or lower than other locations.

3. The seller’s location: If you’re ordering from an independent seller, their shipping costs may be different from Amazon’s.

4. The item’s weight and size: Heavier and larger items will cost more to ship than lighter and smaller items.

5. Your delivery speed: If you select a faster delivery option, such as Next Day Delivery, you may be charged more for shipping than if you choose standard delivery.

6. Shipping discounts: Amazon offers various shipping discounts throughout the year to encourage customers to shop with them.

7. Special promotions: During certain times of year, such as the holidays, Amazon may offer special promotions that can reduce or eliminate your shipping costs.

Ultimately, Amazon charges for shipping in order to cover their own costs associated with delivering your items to you in a timely manner. While the fees may seem like an added expense, they are necessary to ensure that you receive your order quickly and safely.

Is it better to get Amazon Prime or Netflix

When it comes to deciding between Amazon Prime and Netflix, the decision can be difficult. Both services offer a plethora of movies and TV shows, but the difference lies in the details.

Amazon Prime offers a wide variety of content, including Prime Video, music streaming, free two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage, and more. Prime Video includes a library of thousands of movies and TV shows that are available to stream or download for offline viewing. The library includes new releases as well as older favorites, and you can even rent or purchase titles that aren’t included in the Prime Video library. Additionally, Amazon Prime subscribers get access to exclusive deals on electronics and other products.

Netflix, on the other hand, is focused primarily on streaming movies and TV shows. The service offers an extensive library of titles that are available to stream or download for offline viewing. Netflix also offers original programming such as Stranger Things and House of Cards. While Netflix does not offer any additional services outside of its streaming platform, it does offer different subscription plans based on how many people will be using the account at once.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when deciding between Amazon Prime and Netflix. Amazon Prime offers a range of services beyond streaming video, while Netflix is solely focused on streaming content. If you’re looking for an all-in-one streaming and shopping experience, then Amazon Prime may be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re solely looking for a large library of movies and TV shows to stream, then Netflix may be your best bet.

Is Amazon Prime cheaper than Walmart

When it comes to getting the best deals on your shopping, it can be hard to know which retailer to turn to. On one hand, Amazon Prime offers a range of benefits such as free two-day shipping and access to exclusive products, but on the other hand, Walmart boasts low prices that may be hard to beat. So when it comes down to it, is Amazon Prime really cheaper than Walmart?

The answer is both yes and no. While Amazon Prime does offer a range of benefits such as free two-day shipping and exclusive products, it does come with an annual fee of $119 that makes it more costly than Walmart in some cases. For example, if you are just looking for basic items such as household goods or groceries then Walmart may be the better option due to their low prices. However, if you are looking for more specialized items such as electronics or designer clothing then Amazon Prime can offer better deals due to their wide selection of products and access to exclusive deals.

In addition, Amazon Prime also offers additional services such as streaming music and video content as well as access to discounts on certain items. These services can make Amazon Prime a more attractive option than Walmart for those who are interested in taking advantage of them.

Overall, it is difficult to say definitively which option is cheaper since there are many factors that can influence the cost of an item. However, it is safe to say that Amazon Prime does offer a range of benefits that may make it more attractive than Walmart in some cases. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not Amazon Prime is cheaper than Walmart will depend on an individual’s specific needs and preferences.

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