How do I reconnect my Wyze to WiFi

If you’re having trouble connecting your Wyze device to your WiFi network, there’s no need to worry. Reconnecting your Wyze device to your home network is actually quite simple and can be done in just a few steps.

The first step is to open the Wyze app and select the device you want to reconnect. Once you’ve found it, tap on the gear icon next to it and then select “Wi-Fi Settings”.

Now, select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks and enter your password. After a few seconds, you should see a success message indicating that your Wyze device is successfully connected to your home network.

If you are still having issues, try resetting your Wyze device by pressing and holding the reset button for 10 seconds. Then, follow the same steps as above to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network.

If you’re still having trouble connecting, try moving the device closer to the router or using a different power outlet for it. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi network is not set up in a way that restricts access from certain devices.

Finally, if none of these steps work, contact the Wyze support team for additional assistance. They can help troubleshoot any remaining issues with your connection.

How do I connect my Wyze base station to my network

Connecting your Wyze Base Station to your network is an easy process. All you need is a working internet connection and a compatible router to get started.

Before you begin, make sure that your router is compatible with the Wyze Base Station. The Wyze Base Station requires 802.11 ac or n Wi-Fi connection, and will not work with older routers. If you are unsure of your router’s compatibility, please consult the manufacturer’s website for more detailed information.

Next, connect the power adapter to the base station and plug it into an electrical outlet within range of your router. Then press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the back of the base station for three seconds until the status LED starts flashing blue. This indicates that the base station is ready to be connected to a wireless network.

Now open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and look for a wireless network named “Wyze_Base_Station_XXXX” (where XXXX is a random four-digit code). Select this network and enter the password provided with your base station when prompted. Once connected, your device will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network if it is within range.

Finally, open the Wyze app on your phone or tablet and select “Add Base Station” from the menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup and begin using your Wyze Base Station with all its features!

That’s all there is to it! With these simple steps, you can easily connect your Wyze Base Station to your network and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer!

How do I reset my WYZE Base Station

If you need to reset your WYZE Base Station, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

First, unplug the power source from the back of the Base Station. Then, press and hold the Reset button for five seconds. You’ll know the reset is complete when the green LED light on the front of the Base Station turns off.

Next, plug the power source back into the Base Station. At this point, it should be back in its default factory settings. You can now set up your Base Station as if it were brand new.

To do this, download and install the WYZE app on your mobile device. Once you open the app, you’ll be prompted to add a new device. Select “Base Station” from the list of available devices and follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Once you’ve completed the setup process, you may want to update your Base Station’s firmware. To do this, open the WYZE app and select “Settings” followed by “Firmware Update”. From here, follow the instructions to complete the firmware update process.

That’s all there is to it! Resetting your WYZE Base Station is a simple process that only takes a few minutes of your time. Now that your Base Station is reset and up-to-date, you can enjoy all of its great features without any issues.

How do I reset my Base Station

If you need to reset your Base Station, it is a relatively straightforward process.

First, make sure that you have all of the cables connected correctly and that your Base Station is powered on.

Next, locate the Reset button on the back of your Base Station. Depending on the type of Base Station you have, the location of this Reset button may vary. Some models have it located on the back near the power port while others have it located on the side of the unit near the Ethernet ports. Once you have located your Reset button, press and hold it for 10 seconds until you see the lights on your Base Station turn off. This indicates that your Base Station has been successfully reset.

Once your Base Station has been reset, it will now be in its default settings. If you had previously customized any settings or enabled certain features, they will now be disabled and will need to be reconfigured in order for them to work properly again.

If you are still having difficulty resetting your Base Station, contact your manufacturer’s customer service department for additional assistance. They should be able to provide you with further instructions on how to reset your Base Station.

How do I manually update my base station

Updating your base station manually can be a time-consuming but necessary task if you want to ensure that you have the latest firmware and security patches for your router. A base station is the central device in a wireless network, and updating it is essential for keeping the network secure and reliable.

Before you begin, make sure that you have access to the latest firmware version for your router. You should also back up any existing settings or configurations you may have on your router before you proceed.

The first step to manually updating your base station is to connect to it. This can be done by plugging an Ethernet cable into your computer and then connecting it to one of the LAN ports on your router. Once you have established a connection, open up a web browser and enter your router’s IP address into the address bar. This will usually be something like or

Once you’re logged in, look for a ‘Firmware’ or ‘Software’ tab in the menu. Here, you should see an option to upgrade or update the firmware on your router. Make sure that you select the correct version of firmware, as installing the wrong version could cause problems with your network connection.

When prompted, upload the file containing the new firmware and wait for it to install. The installation process can take several minutes depending on the size of the file and speed of your internet connection, so be patient. Once it is finished, restart your router by either unplugging it from the power source and then plugging it back in or pressing the reset button on the back of the device if there is one present.

Once your router has been restarted, check that it is running the correct version of firmware by logging in again and checking for any updates in the ‘Software’ or ‘Firmware’ tab. If everything looks good, then congratulations! Your base station has been successfully updated!

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