How do I contact Kwikset customer service

If you have any questions or concerns for Kwikset Customer Service, there are several ways to get in touch with them.

The easiest way to reach Kwikset is by phone. The Kwikset Customer Service phone number is 1-800-327-5625 and it is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You can also contact them via the Live Chat feature on their website. This service is available seven days a week and is accessible by clicking the “Live Chat” icon at the bottom right of the website.

You can also contact Kwikset by mail. The address to write to them is: Kwikset Customer Service, 2955 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806. If you need assistance with a warranty claim, please include your original receipt with your letter.

Kwikset also offers an email support form on their website which enables customers to submit inquiries and receive answers from their team of trained customer service representatives. You can find this form at

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about Kwikset products, their website also contains an extensive FAQ section which covers many topics related to installation, troubleshooting, and more. You can find this section at

How do I reset my Kwikset door code

If you’ve forgotten the code to your Kwikset door lock, resetting it can be a simple and straightforward process. But before you start, it’s important to understand what type of Kwikset lock you have. Some locks are designed to be reset using a tool while others require a complete replacement of the lock mechanism.

If you have an electronic or smart lock, such as a Kwikset SmartCode 909, it should be easy to reset the code without needing any tools or special knowledge. To reset the code, press and hold the “Lock” button until the keypad flashes green. Then enter your new code twice to complete the reset.

If you have a mechanical lock, such as a Kwikset Signature Series deadbolt, you will need a tool called a rekey kit in order to reset the code. The kit includes two different types of keys: one for changing the old code and one for creating a new one. Insert the old key into the lock and turn it clockwise until it stops. Now insert the new key and turn it counter-clockwise until it stops. Finally, use your new key to open the door and you’ve now successfully reset your Kwikset door code.

It’s important to remember that if you need assistance with resetting your code or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, contact Kwikset customer service for help.

How do I change my door lock code

Changing the code of your door lock can be a simple task if you take the right steps. Depending on the type of lock you have, you will need to know what type of keypad or mechanism is used to enter your current code. Some door locks are mechanical and use a knob or lever to open and close the door, while others are electronic keypad locks that require you to enter a code to gain entry.

If you have an electronic keypad door lock, you will need to access the keypad in order to change the code. Most keypads will have a small hole in the center of the buttons which is used to reset the code. You may need a special tool, such as a paperclip or pin, to push into this hole in order to activate the reset feature. Once activated, you can then enter your new code into the keypad and save it.

If your door lock is a mechanical type, you will need to locate the cylinder or bolt assembly on your door. This is usually located near the handle or knob and contains a small hole for inserting a key or other tool. Inserting something into this hole will usually allow you to turn the cylinder, which will then allow you to reset your code. Once reset, insert your new code into this new cylinder and save it.

In addition to changing your door lock code, it is also important to ensure that all doors are secure when not in use. You should always make sure that all locks are engaged when leaving your home and that no one has access to any spare keys or codes. Also make sure that any other security measures, such as window locks and deadbolts, are in place for added protection.

How do I program my Kwikset Smartcode

Programming Your Kwikset Smartcode

The Kwikset Smartcode is a versatile and reliable electronic lock system that you can use to secure your home and keep your family safe. It is easy to program and offers plenty of features, such as creating user codes, setting access schedules, or managing door locks remotely via the app. In this article, we’ll show you how to program your Kwikset Smartcode in just a few simple steps.

1. Install the Batteries: Before you begin programming the lock, make sure you install the correct batteries in the back of the lock. You will need 4 AA batteries. The batteries should be inserted in the slots located on the side of the unit marked “Batteries”.

2. Enter Programming Mode: To enter programming mode, press and hold down the Program button on the inside of the lock for 3 seconds until you hear a single beep. When programming mode is activated, the keypad will light up and you will be able to start programming the lock.

3. Create User Codes: To create a user code, press the Program button once and enter a 4-8 digit code of your choice. Then press the Program button again to save your code. You can create up to 8 different user codes for family members or trusted visitors.

4. Set Access Schedules: You can set up access schedules so that specific user codes are only active during certain hours of the day or days of the week. To do this, press and hold down Program button for 3 seconds until you hear two beeps and then enter your master code (default is 1234). You can then select which user codes should be active during certain hours and which days of the week they should be active on.

5. Remote Access: If you have an Android or iOS device, you can download and install Kwikset’s free app to manage your door locks remotely via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. With this app, you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Once you have followed these steps, your Kwikset Smartcode should be programmed and ready to use! We hope this guide was helpful in helping you program your lock!

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