How long are Ring videos kept

Ring videos are stored in the cloud, so they are kept as long as you choose to keep them. Depending on your subscription plan, you may have up to 60 days of storage for all of your Ring videos. You can extend this storage time by subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan.

The Ring Protect Plan gives you access to an online dashboard where you can view and manage all of your Ring videos. You can also download videos from the dashboard, or share them with others through email or social media. With the Ring Protect Plan, you can store your Ring videos for up to 60 days, but you can also choose to store them longer if you’d like.

If you choose not to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan, then your Ring videos will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. However, if you’re looking for longer-term storage, then subscribing to a plan is the best option.

In addition to the cloud storage provided through Ring Protect Plans, some users may also opt for local storage solutions such as SD cards or other USB-compatible hard drives. This is a great way to store important footage for long-term use or for archiving purposes.

Overall, there is no definitive answer as to how long your Ring videos will be kept as it depends on your subscription plan and any local storage solutions that you may be using. However, with cloud storage and other options available, you can rest assured that your footage will be kept safe and secure for as long as you need it.

Is it worth getting Ring subscription

When it comes to home security, the Ring subscription is certainly worth considering. This comprehensive service provides an array of features that can help protect your home, family, and property no matter where you are.

The Ring subscription offers 24/7 professional monitoring of your home. This means that whenever something is detected, such as a fire or break-in, the appropriate emergency personnel are contacted immediately. With this level of protection, you can rest assured that your family is safe from harm.

The Ring subscription also offers access to a wide range of motion-activated cameras and doorbells. This gives you the ability to monitor your home from wherever you are. You can easily check in on what’s happening at home and even receive notifications when motion is detected. With this added layer of security, you can be sure that your home is secure even when you’re away.

In addition to the security benefits, the Ring subscription also provides a variety of helpful features that can make managing your home easier. The app allows you to control lights and other devices in your home remotely, so you don’t have to worry about running out to switch them off when you leave. You can also access real-time weather information and get tips on how to save energy and money on your bills.

Overall, the Ring subscription is definitely worth investing in for its range of features and benefits. The security it provides will give you peace of mind that your family is safe and sound while giving you the convenience of being able to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. All in all, a Ring subscription is an excellent way to protect your home while simultaneously making life easier.

Are Ring videos deleted forever

When it comes to security and privacy, Ring videos are a great tool for monitoring your home or business. But what happens when you delete a video?

The answer is yes—Ring videos can be deleted forever. Once you delete a video from the app or the website, it is gone for good. All of the data associated with the video is also erased from Ring’s servers. This means that even if you reinstall the app or log in to the website, the video will be permanently gone.

It is important to remember that deleting a video does not automatically remove it from your device’s storage. You will need to manually delete the video from your device’s storage as well if you want to ensure that it is completely gone.

Additionally, if you have shared a video with someone else, they may still have access to it even after you delete it from your account. To ensure that they no longer have access to the video, you will need to contact them directly and ask them to delete the video.

In summary, Ring videos can be deleted forever. However, it is important to remember that deleting a video does not automatically erase it from all devices or accounts that have access to it. If you want to ensure that a video is completely gone, you will need to manually delete it from any devices that have access and contact anyone who has been shared the video in order for them to delete it as well.

Can you use Ring on Google hub

Yes, you can use Ring on Google Hub. Ring is an Amazon-owned home automation company that produces a variety of security and video monitoring products. Its products include doorbells, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and more. These products are designed to make it easier for users to keep their homes safe, secure, and comfortable.

Google Hub is a voice-controlled speaker with the Google Assistant built in, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. With the Google Assistant, you can access your favorite music, get answers from Google, manage everyday tasks, and control smart devices around your home.

Ring is compatible with Google Hub, so you can use it to access your Ring devices on the go. You can use voice commands to check on the status of your home’s security, view live footage from your Ring cameras, activate or deactivate sirens and lights, and more. You can even set up custom routines that will automatically trigger certain actions when certain conditions are met. With Ring and Google Hub working together, you can create an automated home security system that’s easy to use and reliable.

Can you have Ring without pay a monthly fee

It is possible to have a Ring security system without paying a monthly fee. Ring provides budget-friendly, easy-to-use home security solutions that are available at an affordable price with no monthly fees.

The Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring Floodlight Cam are two of the most popular products from Ring. The Video Doorbell allows you to see and speak with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. While the Floodlight Cam is a motion activated security camera that helps protect your home from intruders. Both products are available for purchase without any subscription or activation fees.

In addition to the Video Doorbell and Floodlight Cam, Ring also offers a variety of doorbells, cameras, alarms, and lights that can be purchased without any additional fees. These products provide a comprehensive level of security for your home without the need for expensive monthly subscription plans.

Ring also offers Smart Lighting systems that provide additional security to your home. These systems are equipped with motion sensors that detect movement and alert you via an app on your phone so you can take action if needed. Smart Lighting systems can be integrated into existing doorbells and cameras, making them a great option for those who already have Ring products installed in their homes.

Finally, if you’re looking for complete peace of mind, Ring also has a professional monitoring service called Protect Plus that includes 24/7 monitoring, police dispatch, and emergency response services. This service is available for an additional fee but provides an extra layer of protection on top of any existing Ring products you already have.

Whether you want basic security or something more comprehensive, Ring has an option that fits your needs without requiring a monthly subscription fee. With their wide selection of products and services, it’s easy to find the perfect security solution for your home without breaking the bank.

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