Is monitronics the same as Brinks

No, Monitronics and Brinks are not the same. Monitronics is a home security company that provides residential alarm systems, home automation services, interactive mobile apps, and professionally monitored alarms. Brinks is a security company that provides a range of security solutions, including burglary and fire alarm systems, home automation products, video surveillance systems, access control systems, medical alert systems, and more.

Although both companies offer similar types of security services and products, there are some key differences between them. For example, Monitronics offers its customers 24-hour professional monitoring services as well as cellular-based monitoring systems for added convenience and reliability. Brinks does not offer 24-hour monitoring services but does offer their customers the option to self-monitor their security system. Monitronics also provides its customers with the ability to arm and disarm their system from their mobile device or computer. Brinks does not offer this feature.

Monitronics also offers its customers a variety of additional features such as home automation capabilities (including remote lock/unlock door locks), text and email notifications when the alarm is triggered, and more. Conversely, Brinks does not provide these additional features in its standard packages.

In conclusion, while both Monitronics and Brinks offer similar types of home security solutions, there are key differences between them that you should consider when making your choice.

Is monitronics going out of business

Monitronics, one of the largest home security companies in the United States, has been providing home monitoring services since 1994. However, recent reports have raised questions about the company’s future prospects. In early 2017, Monitronics was acquired by Ascent Capital Group and its subsidiary LiveWatch Security, and the new owners announced plans to restructure the company. This restructuring process has resulted in layoffs, as well as other changes to how Monitronics does business.

The restructuring of Monitronics has caused many customers to question whether the company is going out of business or not. While it is true that there have been some changes to how Monitronics operates, the company is still going strong. The restructuring process has allowed Monitronics to focus on providing better customer service and improved technology for their customers. The company is also investing heavily in researching and developing new products and services that will help them stay competitive in the home security market.

Despite the changes at Monitronics, they remain one of the most trusted names in home security. The company continues to offer a wide range of products and services that are designed to keep your home safe and secure. Monitronics takes customer safety very seriously, and they are dedicated to providing high-quality security solutions for their customers.

At this time, there is no indication that Monitronics is going out of business or discontinuing any of their products or services. The company is still committed to providing reliable home security, and their restructuring process is intended to help them remain competitive in the market. Monitronics remains a leader in the home security industry, and they are dedicated to providing quality products and services for their customers.

Who took over monitronics

Monitronics, a home security and alarm monitoring company, has been acquired by Ascent Capital Group, Inc. in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition closed on August 22, 2018, and Ascent will continue to operate Monitronics as a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company.

Monitronics is one of the largest providers of professionally monitored security systems in the United States. The company provides services to more than one million residential and business customers through its extensive dealer network. In addition to providing cutting-edge technology for its customers, Monitronics also offers 24/7 monitoring and customer service from six US-based monitoring centers.

Ascent Capital Group, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company that owns a portfolio of subsidiaries and investments spanning multiple industries, including home security and alarm monitoring. Ascent has previously acquired several other home security companies, such as LiveWatch Security, Protect America, and Moni Smart Security.

The acquisition of Monitronics by Ascent will allow the combined companies to better serve customers with improved services and technology, while expanding the reach of both companies into new markets and areas of expertise. This transaction is expected to create significant value for shareholders of both companies as well as for customers who rely on Monitronics for their home security needs.

With the acquisition of Monitronics complete, Ascent Capital Group is now one of the largest home security companies in the United States. With access to their combined resources and expertise, customers of both companies can expect to benefit from improved services, technology, and customer service.

How do I turn off my monitronics alarm

Turning off your Monitronics alarm can be a simple process, depending on your system. Before you attempt to turn off your Monitronics alarm, it is important to remember that disabling an alarm system without the proper procedure can lead to false alarms or other issues.

If you have a wireless Monitronics system, first locate the main control panel and enter the master code. This code should be provided when you set up the alarm system. Once you enter the code, press the “OFF” button on the main control panel. Your alarm system should deactivate. It is important to check that all of the sensors are no longer in alarm mode before you leave the premises.

If your Monitronics system is hardwired, locate the main control panel and enter your master code. Once you enter the code, press “OFF” or “DISARM” on the control panel. Your alarm system should deactivate. Again, it is important to check that all of the sensors are no longer in alarm mode before you leave the premises.

If you need further assistance with turning off your Monitronics alarm system, contact Monitronics customer service at 1-800-645-9445 or visit their website for more detailed instructions. Make sure that you have all of your account information handy when you call so that the customer service representative can assist you quickly and efficiently.

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