Nest x Yale vs August lock pro vs Schlage Encode

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The August Pro 3rd Generation, Nest x Yale and Schlage Encode locks are the most powerful smart locks currently on the market. They all have their own unique designs or features and can work with other smart-home systems. We will compare them from different angles, to let you better understand which lock is best for your home.

The August Pro 3rd Generation is designed so your door requires minimal modification while converting your traditional lock to a smart lock. It was released in 2017 but is still an iconic lock (made by August) that holds up well against newer competition.

Nest x Yale is a joint-design product by two companies, one is the famous Nest and the other is long-established lock manufacturer Yale. Interestingly Yale and August have the same parent company “Assa Abloyâ€?

The Schlage Encode lock is a new product line created earlier this year by another long-established lock manufacturer. Unlike other smart lock series such as the Schlage Sense or Schlage Connect, it’s the first Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock which can work without a hub. 


Lock Style

Unlike the other two locks, the August lock Pro only has a cylinder-shaped interior part, which contains the mechanism, battery and Z-Wave Plus module. You only need replace the interior part of your old lock with it, and one benefit is you can keep your exterior part and old key from the old lock.

Nest x Yale has a sleek and simple design like other Nest products. It contains two main parts, the exterior and interior. Basically, the exterior is a touchscreen which allows users to enter the access code. It doesn’t have a keyhole, which means you can only use electronic means to unlock â€?by access code or app. The interior contains the mechanical parts, battery and Bluetooth modules.

The Schlage Encode retains the classical design inherited from other Schlage smart locks. It also includes two main parts: the exterior part has a keypad and keyhole, so you can still use access code or normal key to unlock the lock, and the interior part houses the mechanism, battery and Wi-Fi module.


Tech specification comparison

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Product Name

August Pro (3rd Gen)

Nest x Yale

Schlage Encode

Model# ASL-03 YRD540 BE489WB
Released year 2017 2018 2019
Keypad Sold separately Touchscreen Touchscreen
Keyed Yes No Yes
Exterior Dimensions No Exterior


2.59″ x 4.59″ x 0.80″

Keypad with Keyhole

3″ x 5″ x 0.9″

Interior Dimensions 2.22 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches  2.78″ x 7.03″ x 2.02″ 3″ x 5.47″ x 2.26″
Weight 0.87lb 2.27lb 3.35lb
Wi-Fi No No Yes
Z-Wave Plus Yes No No
Bluetooth No Yes*(1) No
Finish Color Silver/Dark Gray Satin Nickel/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Polished Brass Satin Nickel/Matte Black
Power source 4 * AA Batteries 4 * AA Batteries 4 * AA Batteries
Operating Temperatures

32-104F (0 to 40C)

Not weatherproof

Outside temperature range:

â€?2° to 140°F (â€?0° to 60°C)

Battery temperature range:

14° to 131°F (â€?0° to 55°C)

Outside escutcheon: �5C to 66C,

Inside escutcheon: �0C to 49C

Max Access codes NA 20 codes 100 codes
ANSI/BHMA Certification Not ANSI/BHMA Certified, see clarification in August Warranty statement. Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.36-2016, Grade 2

Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.36-2016 Grade 1,

A156.40-2015 Grade AAA in Security, Durability and Finish

Warranty 1-Year Warranty 2-year Warranty *(2) 3-Year Warranty*(3)
What’s in the box?

· Smart Lock Pro

· Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

· DoorSenseâ„?Sensor

· Lock Adapter and Mounting Hardware

· 4 AA Batteries

·Nest x Yale Lock

·Installation Guide with Removable Door Template

·Mounting Screws

·4 AA Batteries

·Bundles include Nest Connect

· Lockset

· Batteries

· Backup Key

· Quick-Start Guide

MSRP $229/$279(with Bridge) $249(standalone)/$279(with Bridge) $249
Price On Amazon On Amazon On Amazon
Required Hub August Connect Bridge Nest Connect/Nest Secure No hub required

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  1. Bluetooth 4.0
  2. Lifetime limited warranty for finish and mechanical, two years electronics.
  3. Schlage have provide a 3-year electronics and limited lifetime warranty for mechanical & finish, see detailed info about Schlage warranty.

Door requirement

These locks only work as a single cylinder deadbolt and have some spec requirements about the relevant door.

August Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro requires a door thickness between 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ inches. This lock retains the exterior part of the old lock, so you need to check if the current lock is compatible. You can do a quick check on August compatible Lock List to see if your lock model is on this list.

Nest × Yale

The Nest × Yale lock will fit doors between 1 3/8″ (35 mm) to 2 1/4″ (57 mm) thick, and the backset needs to be 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″. The lock can be used with doors made of the following materials: wood, metal, or fiberglass.

Crossbore hole diameter should be 2 1/8″ and edge bore hole should be 1″ 

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The distance from the door edge to the center of the large hole.

Schlage Encode

The Schlage Encode will require a door thickness between 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″, and the backset is 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″. If your door is thicker than 1 3/4″, Schlage also provide a thick door kit to support doors between 1-7/8″ to 2-1/2″ thick (sold separately). For more detailed requirements you can check the picture below.

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The process of fitting each lock is not hard as long as you follow its installation guide. In most cases, you only need a screwdriver.

August Pro Installation

To install the August Smart Lock Pro, you need to remove the thumb-latch of the old lock and attach the mounting plate. After that you need to choose the right adapter to attach to the deadbolt tail, finally, you can attach the August Lock Pro to the mounting plate.

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 August lock pro installation

Another part you need to install is DoorSense, it will enable you to know when the door is open and closed from the app. For instructions on installing DoorSenseâ„? please see: DoorSenseâ„?Installation Guide for August Smart Lock Pro

Once you complete the installation, you can use the August app to connect your lock, then you can set up or control your lock in the app.

Nest x Yale installation

The installation of Nest x Yale is more user-friendly. A voice guide is made available for the process. Before installation, you need to remove the old lock totally, then you can install the Nest x Yale lock, which includes deadbolt, keypad, and lock.

Before you connect your smartphone to the lock, you must have either Nest Guard or Connect already connected to the Nest app to add the Nest × Yale lock.

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Schlage Encode Installation

The installation of the Schlage Encode lock is similar to that of the Nest x Yale lock. However, you may need to carry out three additional steps: first, lengthen the deadbolt by twisting if your door has the larger 2-3/4″ (70 mm) backset; second, remove the hole adapter if the cross-bore hole is smaller than 2-1/8″ (58 mm); lastly, if your door is thicker than 1 3/4″, you need to use the tailpiece in the thick door kit to replace the one installed on the touchscreen (exterior part).

Schlage Encode installation Step by Step

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Although these locks are made by different manufacturers and each of them has unique features, most of their functions are similar.

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Product Name Nest x Yale August Pro (3rd Gen) Schlage Encode
Remote Access Yes *(1) Yes*(2) Yes
Keypad Yes No*(3) Yes
Physical Key No Yes Yes
Built-in Alarm Yes No Yes
Auto-Unlock No Yes No
Auto-Lock Yes Yes Yes
Passcode Between 4 and 8 numbers in length NA Between 4 and 8 numbers in length
Low Energy Alert Yes Yes Yes
One-Touch Locking Yes No Yes
Manual programming No No Yes
History Activities Yes Yes Yes

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  1.  Need Nest Connect or Nest Guard.
  2. Need August Connect Bridge.
  3. August Keypad sold separately.

August Pro

To enable remote access and other advanced features like voice control, you need an August Connect Bridge installed too; otherwise you can only use Bluetooth for local control.

The DoorSense module which comes with the lock lets you know if the door is open or closed. There are two ways in which you are alerted if your battery is low: the red flashing light on the August Smart Lock, and the notification from the August app.

Auto-Unlock is achieved hands-free using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Geofencing technologies to know when you have arrived and unlocks the door as you approach, but this feature does not appear to be particularly reliable. Another practical feature is Auto-Lock. You can set the time period for this from 30 secs â€?30 mins, or you can set it to ‘Instantâ€?lock, so that every time your door state changes from Open to Closed (DoorSense required), the August Smart Lock will instantly Auto-Lock.

The access management is easy for the August Pro. In the app you can create your own alert event and manage the virtual key. That requires other users to also have the August app and an August account installed on their phone. You can create different access types like: Always, Recurring, Temporary and Notifications to manage access rights for different people.

If, for some reason, you can’t use the app to unlock the door, you can still use the original key. If you lose your phone by accident, don’t worry about someone controlling your lock access, you can disable your August app and all virtual keys on any associated devices on the August Tool website.

FAQs about August Lock

Nest x Yale

The Nest x Yale lock is highly integrated with the Nest/Google ecosystem, so if you already have plenty of Nest products, then it will work perfectly, it even can work with Nest Secure Alarm products to make your home safer.

Assuming you already have the Nest system installed, the Home/Away Assist can detect if you’re away, and tell the lock to auto-relock, or you can set it to relock after the lock has been opened in 10 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. You can also manually lock the door from the outside by tapping anywhere on the keypad.

The management is easy. As owner you can invite people through the Nest app and give them different access levels. A “Full Accessâ€?user can use the app to control all Nest products and change settings; “Home Entry Onlyâ€?can only use a passcode to unlock the door, and nothing more. The owner or a Full Access user can also set schedules to let Home Entry Only users in, and you can also get an alert when someone locks and unlocks the door, or check the recent access activities. One unique feature is that the app user can set Privacy Mode to disable passcode entry, but other app users can still use the app to unlock the lock.

The Nest x Yale lock is totally electrical, so you may wonder what happens if the lock battery runs out. Like other Yale smart locks, you can use a 9-volt alkaline battery to charge the lock temporarily and use the touchscreen to unlock it. The touchscreen also works even if the Wi-Fi network goes down.

FAQs about the Nest x Yale lock

Schlage Encode

Like the Nest x Yale, the Schlage Encode uses the keypad as the main method to unlock the lock, but it also has the keyhole and backup key for emergency use. The Schlage Home App has been buggy and unreliable over the past few years �you can check it on iTunes or Google Play, the rating is pretty low as it has a lot of user complaints. Hopefully the Schlage app will be improved this year, otherwise the app will be a significant factor in deterring customers from choosing this lock.

As the newest Schlage smart lock, it retains the manual programming function. This allows you to use the keypad to change settings and add/remove access codes, but Schlage suggests using the app instead of manual programming. Manual programming and app-control can’t coexist; once you link the lock to the app, all manually programmed user codes and the programming code are deleted and the manual programming option is disabled.

In the Schlage Home App, you can share a virtual key or admin privileges with a guest. The virtual key will be sent as a URL link. Once users have received this, they can activate it in 24 hours; this also requires the additional users to have installed the Schlage app and Schlage account. If a user does not want to install the app, you can just give them the access code for the keypad. You can also create a schedule of access codes for your guest that works only at specific times.

The Auto-Lock feature is basically a re-lock delay. It can be set to 15 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins or 4 mins after unlocking. You can also create your own notifications, deciding when to be alerted if access codes are used or when your door has been locked and unlocked.

FAQs about Schlage Encode

Smart-platform integration

Voice Assistant integration

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Product Name August Pro (3rd Gen) Nest x Yale Schlage Encode
Amazon Alexa Y N Y
Google Assistant Y Y Y
HomeKit Y N N

Smart-Home Hub

Product Name August Pro (3rd Gen) Nest x Yale Schlage Encode
SmartThings Y N N
Wink Y N N

Home Secure ecosystem

Product Name August Pro (3rd Gen) Nest x Yale Schlage Encode
Nest Y Y N
Ring Y N N
SimpliSafe Y N N
Honeywell Y N N
Control4 Y N N
Yonomi Y N N
Stringify Y N N

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The August Lock Pro can work with many major ecosystems today, because it has been on the market for a few years and has been perfected in smart home integration.

August Lock Pro works with

As I mentioned before, the Nest x Yale lock is an exclusive Nest/Google smart product, so it will not work with any 3rd party smart-home system.

Schlage seem to be still working on the process of integrating their Encode lock with 3rd party ecosystems. At present it only works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has the potential ability to integrate with more smart-home systems like SmartThings or Wink, but that process takes time and it remains to be seen if customers will wait.

Schlage Encode works with 


August Lock Pro is a market-proven product and it can upgrade your current lock with little effort. It is a good choice for standalone use or adding it to your existing smart-home system. The only problem is that it doesn’t have an integral keypad, so if you must use a passcode then you have to spend a little extra on the separate August keypad.

The Nest x Yale lock is more like a work of art. I always like the sleek and slinky style of Nest products. If you already use or want to use the Nest/Google home system, then the decision is easy, if not, you better look at other locks.

The Schlage Encode lock has many unknowns in its app or 3rd party integrations. It’s perhaps unwise to take the risk at this early stage. If you aren’t in a hurry to choose one, you can wait for a while to see if the Schlage Encode proves to be a reliable lock compared to the August Lock Pro or Nest x Yale.

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