Emerson ST55 vs ST75

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Thermostats come in a wide range of choices. In this article, we will compare Sensi Thermostat ST55 with ST75. Below, you will find a detailed comparison of the two to help you decide which one will fit your needs the best.


Sensi ST55

Sensi ST55 comes in a white color, which gives the thermostat the ability to blend in with most white walls.

The 5-inch LCD screen makes it very easy to see the temperatures, but the screen doesn’t have a touchscreen feature. The width of 5.9 inches and the height of 3.8 inches will take up very little space on your wall, making it a convenient option for narrow spaces. The thermostat is powered by 2 AA batteries, making it easy to replace the batteries when you need to. You can also wire the thermostat into your electrical circuits as an alternative powering method.

Sensi Touch ST75

Unlike the ST55 model, the Sensi Touch ST75 comes in a black color and is a slightly smaller thermostat.

A great feature that this model offers is a 4.3�full-color LCD touchscreen display. The ST75 has a similar shape to the ST55, but you have to wire the thermostat into an electrical circuit to power it. The Sensi Touch ST75 has a more glassy and luxurious look than ST55.


Basic Information


Name Sensi  ST55 Sensi Touch ST75
dimensions (inch) 5.875�x 3.75�x 1.0�/td>

5.625�x 3.4�x 1.17�/td>

Inbox Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat
Thermostat Base
Quick-Start Guide
Mounting Screws
Wire Labels
Security Code Card
2 AA Batteries
Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat
Thermostat Base
Welcome Guide with Sensi Security Code
Installation Guide
Mounting Screws and Anchors
Furnace Jumper Wire (potentially used for some installs)
Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon


The table above shows some basic features of both thermostats. The ST55 comes in dimensions of 5.9 inches wide and a height of 3.7 inches. The package comes with the thermostat, the thermostat base, the starting guide, mounting screws, wire labels, a security code card, and two AA batteries. It operates at Wi-Fi frequencies up to 2.4GHz.

The ST75 model is slightly smaller measuring in at 5.6 inches wide and a height of 3.4 inches. Inside the package, you will find the thermostat, thermostat base, welcoming and installation guides, anchors and mounting screws, and a furnace jumper wire. It operates on a Wi-Fi frequency of 2.4GHz (same as the ST55 model).



The Similarities


Smart control

You can program, set, and change how the thermostat works from anywhere using your mobile device if you have iOS 10 or later versions or Android and  making both of the models incredibly remote-friendly. You can also control them from  You can also control multiple devices from a single account.

Both models have a feature called “PIN lockout” it`s  for disabling the changes from the thermostat by keeping your perfect settings locked.


On-screen weather conditions

Both ST55 and ST75 have built-in weather updates, telling you what you should wear that day.

sensi on-screen weather condition


Auto Heat/Cool programs

Both models will automatically adjust between the cool/heat modes during days that fluctuate between hot and cold weather, keeping you comfortable and at the right temperature. You can also adjust the suitable temperature from your smartphone or pad.

 sensi Auto Heat/Cool


Both devices claimed that It’s a very easy DIY installation, because the Sensi app will guide you through the easy step-by-step process. But you should check your HVAC Compatibility before you install, it will be mentioned later.


Both devices come with a backlight, which can be perfect for low lighting or using at night time.


Other features

Both of these devices will track humidity for a total awareness of your home’s atmosphere. Both models are compatible with the most popular smart home kits, such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Wink Home Hub.


The Differences

Automatic upgrades

With the frequent release of new features, you’ll want to keep your software up-to-date. The ST75 model comes with a built-in automatic upgrade feature that will keep track of the enhancement of the software and its new features. Your thermostat software will always be updated automatically with when new upgrades are available.

Color shift

If you are using the ST75 model, both the thermostat and the app will change colors to let you know whether the thermostat is in heating or cooling mode. The ST55 model will no colors on the thermostat, but only on the app itself.

Smart alerts

The ST75 model is programmed to alert you when any extreme humidity change happens or when it detects extreme temperatures.

HVAC Compatibility

The Sensi ST55 & Sensi Touch ST75 work with most combined heating and cooling systems. However, the need for a common wire or “c-wireâ€?is different based on the Sensi thermostat model.You can check your wires to see if you can DIY process.

Incompatible system types include:  

Voltage Line Systems (110V/220V baseboard-type heating)
Remote sensor systems
Communicating or Proprietary Systems

Finally, the Sensi thermostat is not designed to control any humidifiers or dehumidifiers that you have installed as part of your heating and cooling system.

What Will You Need for the Installation?


Sensi Touch ST75

  • A smartphone or pad
  • The Sensi mobile app: It’s free to download either from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • A medium-sized Phillips screwdriver to screw in the thermostat base
  • The name of your Wi-Fi network and its password
  • A pair of wire-cutters (optional)
  • A pencil (0ptional)

Sensi ST55

  • A smartphone or pad
  • The Sensi mobile app: It’s free to download either from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • A medium-sized Phillips screwdriver to screw in the thermostat base
  • A small-sized Phillips screwdriver
  • The name of your Wi-Fi network and its password
  • A pair of wire-cutters (optional)
  • A pencil (0ptional)

The Cost

The Sensi ST55 model is currently priced at $129.99, while the Sensi Touch ST75 is available for $169.99. The price difference is understandable because the ST75 model offers some features that the ST55 doesn’t.

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Which one shloud i choose?

Overall, it’s pretty hard to say which thermostat is better. We think that if you are a touchscreen lover, you should go with the ST75 model.

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