Smart Thermostat Rebate – from utility company

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Do you know that purchasing a smart thermostat doesn’t just help you create an eco-friendly environment and save substantial amounts of money on your energy bills? You can get cash back just for reducing your environmental footprint. Before installing your new thermostat, you can apply for an energy credit rebate and get money back. The types of rebates for thermostats vary. You can get either an instant rebate or discount for purchasing a thermostat itself if you sign up for a certain energy consumption plan.

How To Find the Rebates for Smart Thermostats

Finding information about utility rebates for the smart thermostats may be a tough task. You can use this link to research smart thermostat utility partners,just click the trademark(pic as bellow) to check on its utility rebate program page. Each one of them can help you get money back on installing a smart thermostat. It’s wise to check out the rebate programs to save some money .

Some examples are below:

  • PG & E â€?Provide $50 rebate on Energy star certified smart thermostat after purchasing.
  • ComEd â€?Offers an instant $100 rebate after buying a smart thermostat. You can also get discounts on purchasing Ecobee thermostats and free installation during your home energy assessments.
  • Consumers Energy â€?Instant $50 and $100 rebate on most smart thermostats.
  • SoCalGas – $50 rebate on all models of Nest Thermostats, Ecobee (Smart Si, 3, 3 lite, and 4), and Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi thermostats.

Each company has its own rebate procedure. In order not to make a mistake, make sure to read the terms before purchasing and installing the unit. Check out all the eligibility requirements. Most companies offer rebates for selected thermostat models only. Yours may not be eligible.

Filling out a form and registering a thermostat with a manufacturer are among a few things, which you’ll need to do to get your money. You can take advantage of the Energy Star locator to find the best rebates in your area.

What Is An Energy Star Certified Thermostat?

Do you own an Energy Star certified thermostat? Or perhaps you are looking to buy one? Check if your thermostat is Energy Certified by going over the following points:

  • Can you control the heating and cooling of your home through a smartphone? I.e. does your thermostat have a smart remote control option?
  • Does your thermostat have a geofencing option? I.e. does it use geo data to locate you and adjust the settings when you are getting closer to home?
  • Can it learn your temperature preferences and use this knowledge to adjust the heating and cooling options? For example, when you are asleep or away from home?
  • Is your smart thermostat software updated on a regular basis in order to make sure it’s using the latest and most optimized energy saving algorithms?

A smart thermostat also should:

  • Work as a regular thermostat if not connected to the service provider
  • Produce a regular report on energy consumption and HVAC use
  • Have an ability to work with a utility program to prevent blackouts. The user should have an ability to override grid requests.

An Energy Star certified thermostat can save an average consumer up to $500 per year in energy bills. Coupled with a $100 rebate, the ROI of such a thermostat is pretty impressive.

Smart Thermostat vs Programmable Thermostat

As opposed to smart thermostats, programmable thermostats may not be Energy Star certified and eligible for rebate programs. It’s important to know the difference between these two appliances. A programmable thermostat can be adjusted to fit your schedule. So can a smart thermostat, but it should also have many additional features.

  • Ability to learn your habits and adjust the temperature settings accordingly.
  • Ability to sense which room you are in and adjust the energy consumption accordingly
  • Use motion sensors to switch programs when you are home or away, sleeping or awake, etc.
  • Ability to use a smartphone to monitor and adjust the temperature in your home no matter how far away you are.

The lack of smart features make programmable thermostats less energy efficient than their smart counterparts.

Smart Thermostat Savings

Purchasing and installing a smart thermostat is the key to enjoying a variety of savings. If you take some time to learn how to use the smart thermostat in the most energy saving manner possible, you can get the ROI in just a few months. If you take advantage of the rebate program, you may get the appliance virtually free.

While saving money and enjoying a convenient thermostat, which keeps the temperatures in your room comfortable at all times, you are helping prevent degradation of the environment.

Energy Star reports that if everyone would use an Energy Star certified thermostat, we would save:

  • 56 trillion BTUs of energy
  • 740 million dollars per year
  • ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat savings

ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat savings

Don’t forget to recycle your old thermostat in order to help save the planet.

Energy Star Program: Why It’s Important

Energy Start program was established in 1992 as part of the Clean Air Act. The federal voluntary program is controlled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It allows people to learn more about ways to save the planet from environmental degradation through increasing energy efficiency. The main goal of the Energy Start Program is to promote energy-efficient products and reduce energy consumption and pollution.

You can often see the Energy Star label on appliances in department stores. The Energy Star rating shows that the product meets certain federally mandated guidelines of energy efficiency. This rating helps you understand how much you are contributing to the planet’s well-being while saving money on your energy bills.

If every appliance purchased in the United States in one year had an energy star rating, we would save $740 million in annual energy costs.


Smart thermostat utility rebates are readily available for the U.S. homeowners. In most cases, the process of getting an instant rebate takes about 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill out an online form.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of the utility rebate program while it’s at its peak. As more people are installing smart thermostats in their home, the rebate amounts may start decreasing.

Purchasing a smart thermostat is a smart way to save money on energy bills while enjoying a comfortable temperature in your home.