Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor review

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The Philips lightstrip (80/197 inches) is a purposefully designed ambiance technology capable of enduring one’s indoor as well as outdoor lighting needs. 80 inch version starting at $89.99, and being a smart light, it can be considered reasonable when compared to its competitors. But, it is not just a really a source of light as it offers endless possibilities, making it very useful for new modern architecture or smart homes.

Lightstrip along with its box

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Product Specifications

Length 80/197 inches
Height 0.78 inch
Width 0.43 inch
Further details  
What’s included in the box? Lightstrip and adapter Start –up Instant lighting  
Operational humidity 5% < H < 95% (non-condensing) Max. Standby power 0.5 W  
Operational temperature -20°C to 45°C Wattage 19 W  
Colours Multi â€?16 million Color temperature Warm white to cool daylight  
Light output 2000 â€?6500 K Input voltage 100V-120V  
Material Silicone Lumen output 740 lm at 2200K  
IP code IP67 760 lm at 2700K  
Lifetime 25,000 h 850 lm at 4000K  
Weight 1.14  kg 900 lm at 6500K  
2 years Yes

 Key Features

1) Diffused ambiance – The light emitted by the strip is diffused, not ‘spot onâ€? disregarding the need to hide it from the line of sight. With the special diffused coating on it, the emitted light is purely uniform and falls equally everywhere in all directions.

2) Easily bendable – The strip is made up of materials which are flexible and are not at all rigid. This brings on numerous uses. With easy to bend, it is convenient to shape the strip as one may like and can fulfill decorative needs easily. This enables its use for lighting bed frames, walls, ceiling edges, etc.

3) Weatherproof – The strip is weatherproof and can cope up with all weather conditions. It is designed to withstand water intrusions as well, where it can withstand small puddles of water and rain too. So, using it outdoors with the peace of mind is assured.

4) Smart control – The strip can be easily configured and fully controlled using the ‘Philips Hueâ€?application. The features over here are unlimited; you can choose from an array of colours, set schedules or let the lights turn on automatically once you arrive at your home. This gives a very convenient yet luxurious experience.

Installation & Setup

The product is highly user-friendly in this regard, and does not really require an assistance of an expert or a technician to come over and do the installation for you. Though, reading the user manual is advised before commencing any sort of ‘do it yourselfâ€?task.

Anyway, all that has to be done is to unpack the strip, connect the adapter to the electrical switch and that is it, it is ready to use!

Further functionality enhancements are in place when connected with ‘Philips Hue Bridgeâ€?which allows controls to be accessible from phone or tablet via the ‘Philips Hueâ€?application.

Overall – Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
1.    Easy to set-up 1.   Too much bending may damage the protective coating
2.    Offers widespread functionalities and features 2.   Water may seep in if handled improperly
3.    Competitive price 3.   Maximum operating temperature is 45˚C. Will not be suitable outdoors in countries having extremely high temperatures for e.g. in the Middle East.
4.    Purpose made for outdoors use for e.g. garden, balcony, patio, etc. 4.   â€?gwmw class=”ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-anim ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-2″ id=”gwmw-15379144365571188601699″>Hue Bridgeâ€?is required to be purchased separately

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In Conclusion

Philips lightstrip 80 inches is an ideal product which can easily meet your daily as well as fancy lighting requirements. With features like diffused lighting and offering an extensive range of colours, it is a suitable choice to uplift your ambiance criteria. Its toughness enables its effectiveness for outdoor use where it is fully capable of surviving all-weather conditions. The convenience offered by the use of mobile application really stands it out from its competitors. All in all, it is an affordable luxury!